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FYI — in case you were worried, we’re still learning here at home!! But since I printed out my lessons plans — it’s been an extra step to post about them, and lately I don’t have time for extra steps — so I’ve been neglecting this blog.

So here’s a couple of pictures from one of our more recent activities…

We got to the part in the New Testament where Jesus chose His Twelve Apostles, so I found yet another use for my Holy Week project!  John Paul spent time studying them and figuring out which one was which by their symbols.

Apostles 3

Apostles 4

Then he drew them, their names, and their symbol:

Apostles 5

Holy Week Project – next year

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I’m pleased with what we got accomplished this year!  But there are some things that I want to do differently for next year… and so I won’t forget, I’m going to write it down!

Moira listed many Biblical characters to make, but we didn’t get to all of them.  This year I doubled up on a lot of characters!! So next year I’d like to add the rest.

Make the rest of the clothespin characters:

  • Simon of Cyrene
  • Saducees
  • Jesus on a Donkey
  • More women of Jerusalem
  • Joseph of Arimathea
  • Temple Guards
  • A blind man
  • Another crippled man
  • Simon the Leper
  • St. Veronica
  • Lazarus
  • Martha

Other props to improve:

  • Simon the Leper’s house
  • A tomb for Lazarus
  • Either a make a Sculpey tomb for Jesus as JennGM suggested… or
  • Save for a Worship woodworks tomb for $32 here
  • Save for a Fontanini tomb for $85 (no figures) here (which is out of budget price-range, so that’s not likely!!) or…
  • Build a tomb with little blocks of wood and then carve a stone covering??  Maybe that can wait till the boys can do that all by themselves?? I don’t know! We’ll see next year!

Thanks for following our project!!  We’re done and ready for the next project…

Holy Week Project – Go see some of these…


As I mentioned when I started, when I began brainstorming for this project, I posted a question of the 4Real Forum for some help  (see Why Wooden?) !!   Other related threads at 4Real were here and here.

Now that Lent is over, and I have a chance to catch up on some of the other mom’s progress on their projects.. I just have to say, “WOW!!” There are so many really creative moms out there!! 

If you’re looking for more ideas on this project, go see…and I’m listing them in no particular order (just as I figure out their links)

  • Matilda’s Good Friday and Easter presentations.  Matilda’s Roman soldiers are the best!!!  They are definitely on my list to make next year with the boys!  They will love pom-poms!!
  • Tracy apostles.  She gives great step by step instructions on how she made her felt outfits.  It’s very helpful.  I did something similar in making mine — except she made circles.  Too tricky for me.  I just made felt rectangles that was twice the size of the clothespin body, put a hole in the middle.  When you tied the twine rope belt, it hid the bare sides.  This was faster for me — and it did work… but as you can see from Tracy’s pictures, her apostles are just perfectly made.
  • Theresa’s Last Supper which gives Da Vinci a run for his money, her step-by-step description of making the apostles using symbols that JennGM posted at 4Real, and her Holy Saturday that has such beautiful, natural simplicity.
  •  And Suzanne’s  Holy Thursday table of apostles look great! She also has an idea for a tomb using a straw hat on one of the threads.
  • And in addition to posting symbols on one of the 4Real threads, JennGM also recommended using Sculpey clay for a tomb!!

AND… these are just the ladies who did the homemade version of these presentations! There are many others who have used other materials to do the same presentations, including:

  • Elizabeth who not only has a whole spread on her presentations with Worship Woodworks, but an explanation of CGS and a description of icons that can be used with the catechesis — it’s fantastic.
  • Cheryl who also used Worship Woodworks with some homemade props.
  • Cay Gibson who used Fontanini — drool, just not in my budget

Visit their presentations too — especially if you don’t feel like doing a craft and have extra money to buy pre-made materials!

So now I’m ready to think about what I want to improve for next year! But not tonight…

Holy Week Project – Part VI


He is Risen!! I already posted what to do for Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, but here are a few visuals.  (And just a note:  due to stone-destroying-complications and Easter traveling, my Resurrection presentations are a little lacking, but, hopefully, you’ll get the idea!)

The Resurrection:


In part V, I mentioned ideas (from www.ourfathershouse.biz) from Moira Farrell’s Holy Week presentations for the Resurrection.  To represent Christ Risen, I made another Jesus with His hands and feet marked with the sign of His Crucifixion — but it seemed inadequate, so I added the Resurrection banner to symbolize His Glorified State (I saw JennGM’s lamb cake and got the idea from it).

The Women at the Tomb:

The Tomb and the women

Here are the women with their ointments to anoint Jesus’ body.  Although Our Father’s House Holy Week presentations doesn’t have this (although her folders might — I don’t have those to know!)— the possibilities for presentations of the actions of the gospels here are endless:

  • You can have Peter and John run to the tomb (have John win the race, but Peter enter first, of course)
  • You can have the apostles in the Upper Room and have Resurrected Jesus appear
  • Repeat the scene again and have doubting Thomas touch his wounded hands and side
  • Act out the road to Emmaus

And finally to put it away:
Storage boxes

AC Moore (or Michael’s — I can’t remember now!) had these boxes on sale!! So I bought four of them.  I will label them and put them on my shelves for future presentations.  (I noticed that Theresa from Lapaz Farm seems to have the same boxes for her apostles too!!  And you REALLY should go visit her presentations of the same vein.  Her Last Supper, Crucifixion, and Resurrection are well made, well presented, and well worth seeing!!)

For my birdhouses, I’m storing them in a big Rubbermaid bin and putting it down in the basement (it’s too big for my school shelves).

My very last post on this project for this year will be what I want to improve for next year (so I don’t forget!!)

He is Risen!

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Christus Resurrexit!! Resurrexit vere, alleluia!!

Off for the Paschal Mystery

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Our family is immersing ourselves in the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ.  I’ll be back to blogging around Easter Tuesday.  Here’s “Ecce Homo” by Antonio Ciseri (I thought it was fitting after our focus on Pilate most recently):

Holy Week Project – Part V

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Here is Good Friday, Part V of our Holy Week Project.  Again the narration from Our Father’s House is quite detailed, so here are just the highlights and any notes on how the scene was made: 

Good Friday

Pilate questions Jesus

Good Friday begins at Pilate’s palace where he questions Jesus inside with the mob surrounding outside.  (Due to birdhouse height restrictions, we did the questioning on the side of the palace):
Pilate questions Jesus

Herod questions Jesus

Pilate then sends Jesus to Herod for questioning.  Jesus does not answer any of Herod’s questions.  I’m not sure if I like Herod’s garb, but my five-year-old loves it!
Herod questions Jesus

Ecce Homo (Behold the Man!)
Jesus is sent back to Pilate where he has him scourged and crowned with thorns (now I have a new Jesus for this part of the Presentations. He has a crown of thorns, nail marks and a red robe to cover his “Crucifixion outfit.” You could probably make one for Carrying the Cross. without the nail marks… and then another one for Crucixion with the nail marks… but I was running out of clothespin dolls and didn’t want to make another run to AC Moore with all the kids.
Ecce Homo

Carrying of the Cross

Christ then takes up his Cross… and along the way meets His Blessed Mother (who then travels with him), the Women of Jerusalem, and St. Veronica (make a little cloth veil for her to hold — if you can make the image of Christ on it).  He also falls three times… and Simon of Cyrene helps him carry the Cross.  I took a few photos of some of these scenes…

Meeting the Women of Jerusalem:

To make Jesus stand with the Cross, I wrapped him in Sculpey clay. 
Jesus and women of Jerusalem

Simon helps carry the Cross:

When Jesus falls, the soldiers force Simon to help him.  He’s standing in the mob of people along the roads.  He’s chenille hands wrap around the Cross.
Simon of Cyrene

Jesus is Nailed to the Cross:

At Calvary (which I stationed on our Atrium Miniature Mass kit altar for the significance of the Sacrifice of the Cross and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass), Jesus’ robe is untied and He is nailed to the cross (propped up by two nails).  I drew His nailmarks and the mark in His side.  His Blessed Mother is always with Him.

Christ nailed to the Cross

Crucifixion scene:

At the end, it is only His Mother, St. John, the Women of Jerusalem and the soldiers.  I elevated Christ’s Cross on two blocks and covered them in Reindeer Moss. All three crosses are surrounded by Sculpey clay to help them stand up. I put little nails in so that their dowel arms could just prop on the nails. (These were a special doll kit that came with dowels and dowel holes). Furthermore, to differentiate the good thief from the bad thief, I had the good thief incline his head toward Jesus.  I also had the soldier come and pierce Jesus’ side with his toothpick sword.
Crucifixion scene


Joseph of Arimathea comes and takes the Body of Jesus wraps it in a linen cloth (I only had a kleenex) and takes it to the tomb.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the rock in front of the tomb — it needs to be repaired) :)   Then all depart.
Jesus' burial

Unfortunately, my “computer time” is up for today and I can’t continue with our presentations due to our “rock” problem. However, I’m not posting during the Triduum. So I will have to post the Holy Saturday and Resurrection photos after Easter, but let me describe the scenes for you:

Holy Saturday

The chief priest discuss the possibility of Jesus’ body being stolen do to His Resurrection claim, so guards are posted outside the tomb.

For the Resurrection:

Before you start, place a Resurrected Christ to rise from tomb in the next presentation (He looks the same as my first Christ, but has the marks of his Crucifixion). You also need an angel, guards, Mary Magdalen, Mary and Salome (all of these characters have been used in the presentations already — although I have one of the women carry a cool miniature basket that I found at AC Moore).

The script explains the action of the resurrection and has you shake the tomb as the angel of the Lord descends from heaven. The angel rolls back the stone, the guards fall in fright. Then Jesus comes out. He’s moved aside so that when the women of Jerusalem come, they do not see Him, but just the angel who tells them to go tell the Good News to the Apostles.

After Easter, I’ll post my final Part VI which will include these presentations, photos of the cool boxes that I found to store the presentation, and my ideas on how to improve for next year (before I forget)!

Hope this has been helpful.  We’ve enjoyed it and look forward to doing it again next year. 

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